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Christianity Playing Kate Austen in one of ABC’s most successful programs of all time, (2004-2010). She had appeared in a video game review TV show, Reviews on the Run as hardware girl.

This also isn't the first time the former actor has shared similar images like that of Reinhart.

So, allow me to attempt to answer a question that may or may not be running through your mind ever since Bughead shared their first kiss. Based on an Instagram Sprouse shared last Saturday, it sure seems like fans really want these two to be a couple off-screen, too.

The photo features Reinhart sitting in a field of flowers, while wearing a flower crown.

To cope with this, she takes raw food as her diet, which is considered more healthy than cooked food as some vital nutrients are lost during the cooking of the food.

The Princess Diaries is a series of epistolary young adult novels written by Meg Cabot, and is also the title of the first volume, published in 2000.


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